Wetaskiwin Regional Public Schools Collective Agreement

9.2.4 A teacher who is on sabbatical leave must enter into an individual written agreement with the employer on the conditions under which he or she must return to the school system. All agreements concluded by agreement between the majority of staff are binding on all staff and constitute a condition of employment. 16.8 The objective of the complaints procedure is to ensure that all complaints are dealt with correctly and promptly. Therefore, strict compliance with the provisions of the complaints procedure is imperative. If the defendant does not comply with the provisions of the appeal procedure, the appeal may be dealt with at the next stage. If Griever does not comply with the provisions of the appeal procedure, the complaint is deemed to have been filed. Time limits may only be extended with the written consent of both parties. 3.1 This Agreement shall enter into force on 1st. 4.1.1 The Employer may create or fill administrative positions other than those expressly listed in clauses, and 4.2.2, provided that additional allowances are negotiated with the bargaining subcommittee of the Teachers` Protection Committee of Local 18 of the Association before such position is advertised and filled. If no agreement is reached after 10 days from the date of written notification to the Committee, the employer may fill the position provided that the amount of the indemnity is on the bargaining table in the next round of wage negotiations and applies retroactively to the date of notification of the notice to the employer. 4. This Agreement expires on August 31, 2018 and will not be renewed beyond that date, even if the collective agreement is based on law.