Boeing Rights Guard License Agreement

(2) include in other documents all the information contained in this technical data; or (3) the use of such technical data by Rights Guard, with the exception of the response to that request or the performance of a resulting contract. Each supplier/supplier must have the licensed DFARS caption with limited rights of 252.227-7013, Technical Data Rights – Non-commercial Articles (NOV 1995) that Boeing identifies as the owner in all Of Rights Guard`s technical data, which are incorporated in whole or in part into all or part of the technical data contained by such a supplier/bidder/supplier to the government in response to that request or as part of the performance of a contract that results from it. In the case of the limited rights legend, the holder must declare these Rights Guard technical specifications as non-dependent if this is required by the limited rights legend approved by his contract. For each drawing for which Addl Access is required, there is a double-digit numerical code that tells you which license forms should be sent. The example above mentions a “05” agreement. That is the agreement of Colt Industries. There is a link to the list of the licensing agreement on the home page of cFolders (see image on the left). The database and data of Garmin and/or its suppliers are protected by U.S. copyright laws and international treaty provisions. The licensee must treat this database as any other copyrighted material, as these protected works cannot be copied, reproduced, vice versa, decompiled, stored in a consultation system or transferred in whole or in part, in any form or by any means, unless this licensing agreement expressly permits so. All rights that are not expressly granted are reserved for Garmin and/or its suppliers. The licensee must not remove, add or modify trademarks, trade names, logos, patent or copyright references, or protected trademarks or captions from the database.

“NavData,” electronic air navigation data that is collected in a computerized database based on information from government sources, other public sources and/or information provided by licensees that may contain custom data at the licensee`s request. NavData must not contain data on all aeronautical facilities, corrections, routes and other elements of aeronautical interest in the world. A.Licensenehmer ensures and guarantees that (i) it owns the data provided by the licensee or is authorized to provide all information provided by the taker that will be stored, transferred, processed and accessed in the system, in or by the system (total “data relating to the takers”) and (ii) the data of the taker does not contain (a) controlled data requiring export or other license; (b) classified information or information considered secret or highly sensitive, so restricted access is required; (c) information considered to be state secrets; (d) malware or other constructions, limiting, disabling or debilitating instructions or routines designed to disrupt, disable, damage, damage or otherwise affect the software, hardware or operation of a system; (e) any content contrary to current legislation or Jeppesen`s usage policies (found on the Jeppesen website); or (f) content that infringes the intellectual property rights of third parties. Jeppesen may disclose licensee data if necessary to be disclosed on the orders of a competent court, an administrative subpoena or the current Congress, a law, a rule, a regulation (including a regulation of stock exchanges) or other measures taken by the state.