Pos Agreement

(a) strive to view, access or copy content or data that the customer is allowed to access; (b) translating, adapting, disassembling, decompiling, decompiling or copying all or part of the system, or ordering or establishing derivative works on the basis of the system, except to the extent permitted by law; (c) for all intents and purposes, including error correction, modifications, adaptations, additions or system extensions; (d) combine, merge or merge all or part of the system with the system or integrate it into a third-party code; (e) to disseminate, sell, sublicensing, divest, resell or charge access to the system; (f) strive to undermine system security;g) access to the system in order to build a competitive product or service, or to create a product with similar ideas, functions, functions or graphics; (h) making the system available online, in whole or in part, on the internet or on any intranet; (i) remove or modify copyright or other ownership of a part of the system; and/or d) take steps to obtain data from another NOBLY POS user, cause malfunctions, tumble, damage the system or otherwise affect the system. (a) without Nobly POS`s prior written consent not to make any responsibility, agreement, tally or compromise on a right; (b) to provide Nobly POS and its professional advisors with all the appropriate assistance necessary in relation to a right; (c) grant, at the request of Nobly POS Nobly POS, exclusive control and the right to defend a claim and make comparisons on a claim; and (d) mitigate your claim-related losses, even if necessary by stopping using the system. (a) has the right, power and power to fulfil these conditions and to fully fulfil all its obligations under these conditions; and (b) compliance with these conditions must not be contrary to other agreements it has entered into. Terms 9.1, 9.2 and 9.3 do not apply to confidential information that: By accessing the NOBLY POS system, you agree to be bound to these conditions with our privacy policy. If you do not agree to be bound by these conditions and/or our privacy policy, do not access the NOBLY POS system and/or sign up.