Electronic Trading Agreements

4. The Internet service of the online business facility is provided in every way possible by an external internet service provider. Since the broker is not the provider of the Internet service, the broker is not responsible for the performance, action or omission of this service. The broker has exercised due diligence and diligence in choosing its Internet service provider for the ease of online commerce. However, no guarantees can be given as to the performance and availability of such an online trading facility via the Internet, and no guarantees are given and no guarantee is considered a guarantee given by the broker as a result of these observations (i.e. the potential for disparity in the data displayed, technical errors, deferred execution and other risks associated with online business transactions). 8. The risks associated with the use of the online business facility must be justified on your behalf as long as the use of the online business facility is carried out electronically and the system is generated. You allow the broker to make transactions in accordance with the order details received via the online trading facility. The broker, its directors and employees, its affiliates and peS, its directors and employees are not liable for consequential damages, accidental, special or indirect damages (including loss of earnings, business losses and damages) resulting from inconvenience, delays or loss of use of the online trading facility, even if the broker has been informed of the possibility of such damage.

The use and storage of information, including password, portfolio information, transaction activities, account balances and any other information or orders available on your ORDINATEUR, are at your own risk and are your responsibility. You are responsible for the provision and maintenance of communication equipment (including PCs and modems) as well as the telephone or alternative services necessary to access and use the website or associated services, as well as any communication service charges and charges you charge when accessing the Site or related services. 3. Unknown Conditions/Changes to The TermsAll although they have very favourable terms in their contracts, we often see that suppliers reserve the right to unilaterally change these conditions. In access agreements, we often see provisions that: In addition, you accept the transmission of any electronic recording of online transactions to the relevant regulators at their request. 5. Unauthorized use of your login informationYou receive login information (identifiers and passwords) to access ETP. According to most access agreements, everything that happens with this login information is your problem.

If a former employee acts on your account, that`s your problem. If a hacker receives the credentials – your problem. When a current employee places a business with three additional zeroes — your problem. CONSIDERING that JPMSI owns and operates an electronic system for receiving, transmitting and confirming the execution of orders and transactions in listed securities (the system), including for receiving, transmitting and confirming the execution of ARCA orders and operations; and there will be a mandatory risk filter by default, which will be prescribed by the broker for the validation of electronic commands. Currently, the price you can place is a maximum of 10 (10) percent of the last negotiated price. If you have violated the specific settings mentioned, your electronic commands will be rejected. This agreement is enforced and interpreted in accordance with New York State laws, in accordance with the laws of the State of New York, which are applicable to the agreements and which are fully executed within that state and without regard to the laws of the State of New York, and the parties that are provided for below and which are chosen by the ARCA approving the exclusive jurisdiction and jurisdiction of a federal or state court in New York and waive any defence with respect to the absence of jurisdiction or jurisdiction in New York.